UKGC To Speed Up Responsible Gambling Strategy (Update)

In response to Responsible Gambling Strategy Board progress report

With just twelve months left in the current 36-month responsible gambling strategy, UK Gambling Commission executive director, Tim Miller, said progress has not moved as fast as the UKGC would have liked.

The comments follow the publication of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s (RGSB) progress report.

“RGSB’s progress report reaffirms our view that there is still considerable work to be done to protect consumers from gambling related harm,” Miller said.

“We can see there has been progress towards delivering the National Responsible Gambling Strategy by the industry and others. But we are now in the final 12 months of the three year plan, and we remain concerned that many of the priority actions have not moved along as far as they should have.”

As the industry regulator, with a responsibility to lead on delivery, Miller said the UKGC will do more to speed up progress while calling on industry operators, regulators, consumer representatives and Government to continue to form strong partnerships.

“Most importantly, we need the industry to step up and work to raise standards and reduce the risk of harm,” he concluded.