UKGC Reminds Fantasy Football League Organisers To Toe The Legal Line

Pool betting license may be required to organised fantasy football leagues, Gambling Commission advises

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has reminded fantasy football league organisers to ensure they are operating within UK Gambling Law saying they could require a pool betting license from the UKGC as prize values are determined by the number of paying entrants.

An Exception exists for those who run private leagues between, for example, residents of the same premises or among work colleagues.

Advertising and social media have been highlighted by the Commission who says organisers need to be aware they may find themselves on the wrong side of the Law if adverts or posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media are deemed to encourage others to gamble whether they are posted publicly,  privately or within groups.

“Fantasy football is no doubt a popular pastime for many during football season and many will be thinking about setting up their own league this summer,” said Ben Haden, programme director at the Gambling Commission.

“We want to ensure that those organising these leagues – whether it’s between friends, work colleagues or otherwise – are aware of the legalities and do not breach gambling rules.”