Uk Gambling Commission Releases First Market Figures Since Poc Tax

Online gambling in Britain measured accurately for the first time, says commission

The UK Gambling Commission released new figures Thursday saying they will paint an accurate picture of how much consumers in Britain spend on gambling online.
These are the first set of figures since the implementation of Britain's point-of-consumption tax came into effect and represent the five-month period from November 2014 to March 2015 for online and from April 2014 to March 2015 for non-remote.
Key online market figures in terms of total gross gaming yield (GGY) per sector for Great Britain customers include:
-Betting – GBP 472.7 million
-Betting Exchange – GBP 55.66 million
-Bingo – GBP 82.62 million
-Casino – GBP 834.25 million
-Pool Betting – GBP 6.26 million
Total gross gaming revenue for the remote sector was GBP 1.45 billion.
In terms of online betting gross gaming yield for Great Britain customers only, unsurprisingly football leads the pack with GBP 168.44 million, followed by dogs with GBP 9.26 million, cricket with GBP 4.79 million and Financials with GBP 3.10 million.
Remote casino gross gaming yield for Great Britain customers only was led by slots with GBP 532.54 million, followed by table games GBP 140.34, card games GBP 67.70, Other GBP 57 million and Peer to Peer at GBP 36.67 million.
The full report can be accessed here:

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