U.s. Tribal Gambling Continues To Grow

Report shows that there are 479 tribal gambling venues across 28 US states

The tribal gambling industry in the United States continued to grow in 2013, albeit by a mere 0.5 percent, reports the Casino City Indian Gaming study, which notes that:
* Tribal casinos in the United States won $28.3 billion from gamblers in 2013, a record for the tribal gaming industry;
* There were 244 Native American tribes operating 479 gaming facilities across 28 US states;
* The tribal gaming sector enjoyed its fourth consecutive year of growth despite a sluggish national economy;
* Non-gaming, or entertainment, player spending was up at around $91.1 billion;
* California and Oklahoma performed best for tribal groups, generating some 38 percent of the overall tribal gaming revenue in the United States;
* In 2013, tribal gaming revenue constituted 43 percent of the entire US casino gaming industry;

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa