Twitch And Pokerfirma Chosen For W.s.o.p.e. Reportage

Twitch streaming a proven channel, but Pokerfirma a puzzling choice for live reporting

The World Series of Poker has announced that this year's streaming and live reportage on WSOP Europe has been contracted to Twitch and the German online publication Pokerfirma respectively.
Whilst Twitch can now boast a well-proven record in online poker streaming, some reservations have been expressed regarding the appointment of Pokerfirma in preference to the excellent work done in previous years by Poker News and more recently by the organisation's own in-house team.
This year's WSOP Europe is being hosted in Berlin, which makes the choice of a German publisher logical from a language, cost and convenience viewpoint, but the publication does not appear to have a track record of reporting live on major international tournaments like this.
Whatever the rationale, the results will be plain enough to see when the 10 WSOPE events kick off this Thursday (October 8) at the Spielbank Casino.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa