Turn your fridge into a slot machine?

Future-Proof in the Internet of Things

GVC sets its sights on the Internet of Things

GVC has announced that they aim to be a leader in the multi-platform world of the Internet of Things.

What is the Internet of Things? Simple — any and all objects that are connected to the Internet. Nowadays, that means anything from your television to your fridge to your smart watch.

GVC claims they won’t just follow the pack but instead lead the way with an adaptable new version of their platform that will simply take a few easy adjustments and be ready to go on a wide variety of connected devices.

Originally multi-channel referred to the wide variety of mobile devices (think phones and tablets) but as GVC chief tech officer Sandeep Tiku told EGR, things are changing so fast that developing tailor-made interfaces for each new device just doesn’t make sense. Instead, they are aiming for “future proof” — a more minimal but flexible approach.

So keep an eye on GVC in the next 12 to 14 months. Who knows, this may redefine your relationship to your fridge forever.

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