Turkish Government To Stamp Out Illegal Gambling

Through a series of wide-ranging measures

Media outlets report the Turkish Government will renew its focus on stamping out illegal gambling through a two-year-long multi-faceted campaign.

The offensive will reportedly implement a range of measures including legislatory amendments, internet monitoring, curbing gambling payment services (including cyber currencies), an advertising ban, the launch of an awareness campaign, raids on illegal land-based outlets and hefty fines levied on illegal online operators.

In addition, punters who access illegal gambling websites will be contacted via SMS by the country’s Information and Communication Technologies Authority, the Daily Sabah reports.

The offensive will reportedly be launched by the Interior and Justice Ministries in coordination with the Revenues Department and Police Authorities which will establish a dedicated multi-agency team headed by a “special prosecutor”.

Agencies will include members from Turkey’s Financial Crimes Investigation Council (MASAK), Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency(BDDK), Revenues Department and Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK), along with others.

Currently the regulated Turkish gambling industry caters for lottery, numeric games and instant-win games or sweepstakes which are all operated by the National Lottery Administration. In addition regulated sports betting is exclusively operated by the Spor Toto Association and horserace betting is overseen solely by the Turkish Jockey Club.  All other forms of gambling are deemed illegal.