Tomobox Wins Sigma 18 Startup Competition

Artificial intelligence used to identify and alert service agents to customer frustration in seconds

Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform provider startup Tomobox has clinched the SIGMA 18 startup pitch in which it competed against 100 other initial applications.

Tomobox’s AI platform predicts player churn in real-time through analysis of customer emails, data points, and player in-game chats.

The technology enables service agents to identify and address issues in seconds rather than hours – allowing immediate resolution on customer issues.

David Sachs, chief executive officer of Tomobox:

“Keeping players at the table immediately translates into added revenue. In some cases, gaming platform owners and operators using Tomobox report an uplift of 30K-50K EUR per day, which is huge on any scale.

“We’re excited to partner with some of the leading online gaming providers to implement advanced AI to improve the player experience.”

Baruchi Har-Lev, co-founder and vice president of R&D for Tomobox:

“We’ve made sure that onboarding new gaming operators and integrating into Tomobox is quick and efficient by using our secure RestAPI. We’ve seen our customers up and running in a matter of hours, not days or weeks”.