The Pogg Launches Bet Blocker

The Bet Blocker utility blocks access to over 6000 Gambling Websites and Applications

A new utility and tool has been launched  by to help those individuals with a Gambling Problem, with Bet Blocker going live this morning.

Whilst there is already a service in place in the form of GamStop that UK residents can use to self exclude themselves from UKGC licensed iGaming operator sites, Bet Blocker aims to take it to the next level.

Bet Blocker’s stated aim is to be used either as a self exclusion tool or and as a parental control application. Ensuring minors are not able to access gambling websites or apps on any devices they may have access to.

By downloading and installing the Bet Blocker application to your device or devices, Bet Blocker will simultaneously block and restrict access to at the time of writing, some 5949 gambling websites.

Like with GamStop where you can choose the period and length of time you wish to self exclude yourself for, the Bet Blocker utility allows you to select the period you wish to be ‘blocked’ from accessing gambling websites and applications, on the device or devices you have installed it on.

Another neat feature of Bet Blocker is that it contains a ‘Parental Controls’ facility which parents who are concerned about the internet activity of their children, can install on all the devices that they access. Without in turn limiting the parent’s access, as Bet Blocker can be disabled via a password set by the parent.

However, a caveat of sorts, when installing Bet Blocker and upon it’s activation, you are unable to remove the restrictions in place, until such time the selected length of restriction chosen prior to activation has expired.

For further information, Bet Blocker can be visited here.

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