Thai Police Arrest 13 For Online Gambling

Police and Immigration officials combine in arresting 13 Koreans in three gambling venues

A large force of police and immigration officials raided three premises where online gambling activity has been reported on Thursday, arresting 13 Korean nationals suspected of operating the illegal business.

Police spokesmen said that they believed the Koreans were part of an international organised cybercrime gang.

25 computer sets, along with documentary evidence and computer based records were seized in the raids and indicate that the illegal enterprise had around 10,000 players on its books. These were mainly sports betters and chiefly UK Premier League and Spanish La Liga football fans, although information on other nations, including US basketball and football teams was also uncovered..

Initial indications in the ongoing investigations are that the illegal business handled large amounts of money.

Investigators revealed to local media that the Koreans arrived as tourists in Thailand early in January and rented the raided premises to set up their unlawful business, which included a gambling website.

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