‘Synthetic’ Lottery Days Could Be Numbered In Ireland

Irish national lottery is campaigning against gambling operators offering betting on Irish lottery draw outcomes

The days of ‘synthetic’ lottery operators who take bets on the outcome of major real lotteries like the EuroMillions could be numbered following news that the Irish national lottery operator Premier Lotteries Ireland has begun campaigning against such activities by companies like Lottoland, MyLotto and MultiLotto.

Premier has urged government to close the legislative loophole that allows online betting companies to prosper from outcomes-based betting on national lottery products. Premier points to moves in Britain as an example of what could be done to curtail outcomes betting lottery activities that do little if anything to support good causes, labelling such operators as “parasitic” and a threat to the national product..

The national lottery operator is also concerned that the continued existence of outcomes-based lottery betting is siphoning off hundreds of millions of Euro that might otherwise be bet on real lotteries like the Irish National.

Irish media reports indicate that government’s eGovernment ministry has agreed to discuss the issue with Premier in the near future with a view to developing a legislative solution in order to maintain the sustainability of the national lottery and its contributions to Irish society and good causes.