Spain's El Gordo Ad A Tear Jerker

Six weeks to go before "world's biggest lottery draw"

Loterías y Apuestas del Estado's much anticipated annual El Gordo (The Fat One) 2015 advert pulls at the heart strings and is generating a lot of attention in media circles.
An annual institution in Spain, the Spanish lottery's El Gordo will sell millions of tickets to create in excess of a Euro 2.2 Billion prize pool this year.
Billed as the world's biggest lottery prize, El Gordo's Christmas campaign 2015 comprises a three-minute ad in animated form that follows the nights of a lonely security guard, Justino, on duty at a mannequin factory.
Justino, who rarely comes into contact with people, sets up different scenes using the mannequins to surprise and delight day staff.
Watch the ad here:

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