Southern California I-cafés Shuttered

Police arrest two persons, seize 73 computer sets

Police in Corvina, a city in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California, have shuttered two internet cafés on grounds of illegal online gambling following visits to the premises of Quick Connect and Tel-Expo this week.

At Quick Connect, police officials presented manager Sheryl Duson (47) with a search warrant before arresting her and seizing 36 computer sets found on the premises.

The city police carried out a similar swoop at the Tel-Expo i-café on the same day, seizing 37 computer sets and arresting one individual who was not named.

Covina Police Detective Ryan Balsz told local media that the investigations following complaints from the public had established that illegal online gambling in the guise of a sweepstakes business model had been on-going on the premises.

The investigation has involved the use of undercover detectives, he revealed.

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