Softswiss Releases A Romanian-themed New Slot

Just in time for the new market opening in Eastern Europe

Online gambling games developer SoftSwiss has released its latest slot, with a theme that salutes the medieval legends and traditions of Romania as that country opens its regulated and licensed market.
SoftSwiss has been among the first to licence in Romania in partnership with local firm Superbet.
Titled Domnitors, the news release on the new game focuses more on the theme than the mechanics of the game itself, but reveals that features of the slot, which is available in both desktop and mobile formats, include Wilds, Scatters, a Gamble round, a Bonus round and Free Spins.
The launch statement explains that the title is derived from "domnitori" – Romanian for the medieval governors of the three principalities which comprised Romania back then.
These small nations had to struggle to survive the attentions of much larger and more powerful neighbours like the Kingdom of Hungary and the aggressive Ottoman Empire, and the graphics in the game reflect this battle for survival, depicting medieval weaponry, execution tools, historical Romanian castles and local rulers such as John Hunyadi of Transylvania, Stephen the Great of Moldavia, and Vlad the Impaler of Walachia.
The historical connections in the theme will no doubt appeal to Romanian online punters in the new market.
SoftSwiss CEO Ivan Montik said in a statement Tuesday:
"The SoftSwiss team is very proud to present this slot game to Romanian players. After all, any historical event can be disputed or argued about, but the eternal values of bravery and selflessness stay forever."

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa