Slovakia Puts Gambling Back On The Table

Parliament overrules President’s veto

The Slovakian Parliament has reportedly over-ruled President Andreja Kiska’s veto on, and adopted new gambling law, local media report.

The veto was over-ruled with the support of numerous opposition MP’s, and the new law which sets out a licensing and regulatory framework for gambling, was adopted.

The legislation opens the market to foreign operators within the European Union effectively ending the Slovakian National Lottery Tipos’ monopoly.

The framework details stringent measures to protect problem gamblers, the creation of a self-exclusion programme and a blacklist of illegal operators. Slovakians under the age of 18 will not be permitted to play.

Towns/villages will be able to decide which games to ban during specific times during the year, and Municipalities will be given the power to decide where gambling may take place in terms of vicinities around schools and churches.

Online gambling licenses will be valid for a two-year period and will be subject to a 30 percent tax on gross gaming revenues.