Slotegrator Virus Attack

Skype account distributes newsletters with attachments containing virus

Gaming software aggregator Slotegrator has been subjected to a virus attack, a company advisory said, in which its corporate Skype account was hacked.

Slotegrator warns that newsletters containing an attachment were distributed with the following message:

“Hello, we would inform you that we founded some abnormalities. Please check attachment and send me your feedback. Best Regards”.

The attachment “Error-Slotegrator.pif” should, under no circumstances be opened, as it contains a virus, the company said.

In a press release, which appears to allude to a potential conspiracy, Denis Dzubenko, brand manager at Slotegrator, said:

“Dear friends, we are really sorry about the situation. Unfortunately, in our area of business  hacking is not an occasional matter regardless of all the existing security programs. I do not exclude potential attempts to destabilize functioning of the company by our competitors using pathetic ways of destroying my reputation and the reputation of the company in general. Technical support is already working on the issue and we are looking forward to providing you with more exciting news and materials!”