Rochester Man And Hockey Pro Involved In Sports Betting Ring Sentenced (update)

Home detention, probation and hefty forfeitures

Rochester businessman Paul Borrelli (70) was sentenced this week for his involvement in an illegal $75 million online sports betting ring, money laundering and an attempt to blackmail professional hockey player, Thomas Vanek.
Borrelli's cohorts, brothers Paul and Joseph Ruff, were sentenced to nine years and 41 months respectively in prison earlier this year (see previous InfoPowa reports) and this week, a Judge sentenced Borelli to an eight month stint of home detention, three years probation, a $1.2 million judgement and the forfeiture of $3 million in cash and properties.
Nathan Paetsch, professional ice hockey defence man for the Grand Rapids Griffins, was also convicted for his role in the ring earlier this week and sentenced to eight months of home detention and five years' probation.

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