Rightlander Makes Sure Websites Are Operationally Optimised

New software aid a boon for affiliate marketers, and will soon be available for operators too

Ian ‘Simmo’ Sims, an online programmer, entrepreneur and until recently a successful affiliate marketer, has produced an innovative software program that will make life easier – and more profitable – for affiliates.

Branded Rightlander, the subscription-based product scans the subscriber’s websites and builds a list of affiliate and monetised links. It follows each of these links to its final destination on the merchant’s website, takes a screenshot and creates a personalised ‘landing page library,’ identifying both broken landing pages and landing pages that have been significantly altered and lost relevance.

This ongoing monitoring enables the subscriber to quickly identify broken links that may be adversely impacting a website’s traffic and profitability.

On a wide range of scans conducted using Rightlander so far, the product’s spiders uncovered broken or significantly changed landing pages on 90 percent of the websites examined, representing a significant loss of revenue.

Each ‘scan’ shows the subscriber pictures of all the landing pages and destinations his or her site are sending traffic to at a given moment. It does this by scanning the subscriber website for affiliate links, following each one to it’s final destination and taking a screenshot. It also collects and analyses data and page content and uses image recognition technology to alert the subscriber when a landing page has broken or when a landing page has changed to the point of losing relevance.

Sims has sufficient confidence in his program to offer a free trial service to interested parties.

He says that the success of the affiliate product has prompted him to start work on an operator version, which he plans to roll out by the end of 2017.