RGA Calls For Portugal To Review Online Gambling Licensing And Taxation Regime

Market has failed to attract licensees

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) is calling for a review of Portugal’s regulatory regime as the country’s online gambling market celebrates its second anniversary.

The RGA describes the system as having failed to attract licensees and is calling on a provision made in 2015 to review the regime after it had been established.

“As the stated objectives of the regulatory reforms have clearly not been met, the RGA is now urging the authorities to launch such a review now as a matter of urgency,” a press statement from the RGA reads.

The six licenses which have been granted to date, two of which are for sports betting, cannot be sufficient to channel consumers into the regulated market, Clive Hawkswood, the RGA’s Chief Executive said.

Hawkswood attributes the failure to a harsh turnover tax rate, limitations of poker liquidity and a range of other regulatory issues.

“If suitable amendments can be made, especially on the tax front, then more operators will take out licences and this in turn will enable the regulator to police the market more effectively,” he said.

“Against this background, we strongly urge the Portuguese government to follow the example of other EU countries where viable tax regimes and good regulation have created markets that are successful for their governments; provide suitable protections for their consumers; and enable the industry to be competitive and profitable.”