Racing Victoria Warns Punters To Stay Away From Unlicensed Bookies

Claims online gamblers are being “tempted” by better offers and alleges there are risks in providing their banking and card details

Down in Australia the integrity chief of Racing Victoria, Dayle Brown, has been doing some good old-fashioned scare-mongering to keep the unlicensed hordes of online bookmakers at bay, warning punters that despite the temptation of better offers they should stay clear, and claiming that there are perils associated with giving bank and card details to illegal betting operators.

“Punters electing to be with unapproved offshore wagering operators are not only transacting with a business which is undermining the racing industry by paying no race-field fees, but they risk doing their money cold,” Brown told the Brisbane Times this week.

“In my experience it’s a rarity for anyone to win anything from these bookmakers but they’ll certainly take your money,” he said, going on to advise that there are 411 wagering operators approved to publish Victorian and NSW thoroughbred fields and wager on the sport.

Brown went on to claim that the government is worried about first time punters being “lured” to Asian bookies by longer odds and bonus bets, before going back to scare mode by saying:

“We continually receive information about punters who have bet with unapproved offshore wagering operators and are struggling to get their winnings paid and/or investments returned. Unfortunately for these punters we can’t help them and there’s no government protections available to them either.”

Increased focus on enforcement by federal, provincial and racing authorities is in progress, Brown revealed, advising that the various organisations were working together to identify the size of the risk and how to best address it.