Quebec I.s.p. Blocking In Violation Of Canadian Federal Law?

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission speaks out on province's controversial Bill 74

The Canadian province of Quebec's attempt to ISP block online gambling sites competing with its Espace Jeux website has attracted further criticism, this time from the national Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.
In a statement released late Thursday the Commission said that it regards Bill 74, the legislation the provincial legislature has passed in order to further its ISP blocking plan, as a clear violation of federal law.
Under Canadian federal law the responsibility for Telecommunications rests solely with the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.
The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) a trade body for ISP companies such as Videotron, Rogers and Bell, filed a motion in Superior Court last month to have the law struck down as unconstitutional.
Earlier still, the public advocacy group, Public Interest Advocacy Centre, filed a similar argument against the law with the CRTC.

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