Pokervision Television Network Commits To Poker Marathon Coverage

Reality TV style content from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Canada-based PokerVision Network (PVN), a subsidiary of ePlay Digital Inc., announced Thursday that it is to co-produce reality TV style content from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, providing behind the scenes footage of "Streamboat", a week-long marathon of poker featuring Twitch streamers and poker pros Bill Perkins, Jeff Gross, Jaime Staples and Matt Staples.
The players will also be raising money for their individual charities while streaming live online poker from the Caribbean as well as hosting online qualifiers from PokerStars who have won the chance to participate.
"We are creating a poker life experience and we want to showcase the fun we have on and off the tables," said poker player, hedge fund manager and philanthropist Bill Perkins in a company statement.
PokerVision's Director of Poker Programming Adam Schwartz promised:
"The eyes of the poker world will be on Bill Perkins' luxury yacht in the Caribbean as four intrepid souls stream online poker while cruising in the US Virgin Islands. Three poker superstars are joining Bill for the marathon: Jeff Gross, Bill's close friend and winner of over $2.8 million in his career will be alongside the brothers that have taken online poker streaming by storm, Jaime and Matt Staples."
PokerVision's multi-platform network will be featuring exclusive content from the Caribbean March 22-28th, the statement advises.
This will be PVN's initial co-production for original live content, and viewers can be a part of the action by following the various Twitch streams from the pros and engaging through the PVN network, creating a "Big Brother" like poker experience showcasing the poker lifestyles of some of the celebrities.

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