Pokerstars Plans Wider Online Gambling Offering In Italy

New Italian manager discusses casino and sports betting moves ahead

The Italian news agency Agimeg highlighted some interesting Pokerstars plans for the Italian online gambling market this week during an interview with the company's new Italian chief, Marco Trucco.

Trucco revealed that the online poker giant is currently working towards the imminent introduction of online casino games to Italian online punters, and that a new sports betting product is in development and will also be launched when it is ready for market.

The introduction of casino games and sportsbetting will enhance cross-selling opportunities with the poker operation, encouraging expansion Trucco opined.

The new manager, who succeeds recently promoted Barbara Beltrami, has a solid online gambling background, having previously worked for the Everest group, CasinoItalia and Eurobet in management positions.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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