Pokerstars Leverages Interest In A Popular Video Game

Online poker giant gets Grand Theft Auto-style exposure in new ad

The power of in-game advertising in the multi-billion dollar global video gaming industry has attracted many top companies seeking fresh exposure for their products, and online poker provider Pokerstars appears to have joined their ranks by launching a standalone ad with a distinctive Grand Theft Auto feel.

Pokerstars marketers have cleverly leveraged the interest in the perennially popular Grand Theft Auto game in the promotion of the poker company's new Spin and Go tournaments.

The three-quarters-of-a-minute promotional vid shows typically GTA hardcases pulling all sorts of reckless driving stunts in a bid to taunt a police car crew into a pursuit, all to no avail. When they stop to investigate the total lack of police interest in their antics it transpires that the police creww are totally focused on playing the Pokerstars tournaments on their mobiles for fun and profit.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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