Poker Pro Suffers An Expensive Bout Of Amnesia

Did David Rheem really forget he had a $15,000 seat in a major tournament?

The intriguing question of why poker pro David Rheem failed to claim his $15,000 free seat at the WPT Championships at the Borgata last week has reportedly been answered by the pro himself on Twitter…he forgot he had won the buy-in for the prestigious event, in which winner Keven Stammen took home the main prize of $1.3 million (see previous InfoPowa report).

Rheem's expensive amnesia was revealed, as so many of these things are, on Twitter last week when he advised that he would be otherwise engaged but wished all entrants in the tournament good luck.

That prompted a response from fellow poker pro Mike Mizrachi, who commented that Rheem should have a freeroll at the event because he had won it the previous year.

Rheem's "What freeroll?" response is being interpreted as an admission that he forgot.

The poker pro was indeed entitled to a seat worth $15,000 at the event; it was part of his prize for besting 146 entrants the year before, when the buy-in was a lot steeper at $25,000. Back then he earned $1.1 million and a freeroll in the 2014 event.

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