Poker: Cash Game Festival Concept Hits The U.k.

Estonia-pioneered competition adopted by 888-sponsored Aspers Casino project

The poker Cash Game Festival concept pioneered so successfully over the past two years in Estonia has arrived in the UK in the form of a 888Poker-sponsored five-day, 24/7 festival at Aspers Casino in London scheduled to kick off on March 30 2016.
Advance publicity on the festival indicates that there will be more than 30 tables running for a full non-stop 120 hours and featuring:
* No-Limit Hold'em action from GBP 1/2 all the way up to GBP 25/50;
* Pot-Limit Omaha from GBP 1/2 through to GBP 10/25;
* Low and mid-stakes 9-game Dealer's choice;
* Two Sviten Special games, along with the Dwan-Ivey invention Six-Plus Holdem, a variant of NLHE with a 36-card deck;
* A live streamed feature table from GMT 6pm to 9pm and 9.30pm until play is completed on Texas Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha, both in a GBP 25/50 format.
The UK debut is expected to attract up to 3,000 poker fans.
Plans are in place to expand the Cash Game Festival idea to other countries, among them the Czech Republic (September), Malta (June) and possibly even further afield to South America, Africa and Asia.

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