Poker AI Trashes Chinese Poker Enthusiasts (Update)

Landslide victory for artificial intelligence poker programme

Bloomberg reports Carnegie Mellon University’s updated Artificial Intelligence Poker programme, Lengpuashi, has thumped a group of Chinese investors during an exhibition in Hainan.

Alan Du, a World Series of Poker bracelet winner and venture capitalist, led a six member team to play 36,000 hands over five days against Lengpuashi a.k.a cold poker master.

Following Lengpuashi predecessor, Liberatus’, January defeat of four poker professionals (see previous InfoPowa reports) Du prepared for the “face-off” by employing an understanding of AI, Bloomberg reveals.

The Chinese team included a former Oracle engineer and start up entrepreneurs who “attempted to apply their knowledge of machine intelligence and game theory to counter the machine’s moves,” to no avail, Lengpuashi trounced the team by $793,327 in virtual chips.

“People have a misunderstanding of what computers and people are each good at. People think that bluffing is very human — it turns out that’s not true,” said Noam Brown, Sandholm’s PhD student and a co-developer of Libratus. “A computer can learn from experience that if it has a weak hand and it bluffs, it can make more money.”