Philippines President Now Says Jack Lam Can Make Things Right (update)

Stick-and-carrot politics?

The always controversial president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, offered fugitive online casino mogul Jack Lam an opportunity to make things right Thursday, saying that he would allow Lam back into the country if he apologised for his wrongdoing (something Lam lawyers have denied) and paid his local taxes.
Lam will no doubt seriously consider the offer, having lost access to his Philippines businesses and with charges of attempted bribery and "economic sabotage," and an arrest warrant hanging over his head.
President Duterte said the apparent amnesty was offered: "On the condition that he lets go of [his] original [gaming] contract … Just pay taxes, don't bribe anybody," and he confirmed that Lam has made moves to address his difficulties in the region.
Earlier this week police chief Ronaldo Dela Rosa revealed to reporters that Lam had put out "surrender" feelers, but gave no details.

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