More Pay-Outs For Absolute Poker Players (Update)

It’s taking ages, but Garden City has announced that a third round of payments has been approved by federal government officials

The cheating and shuttering scandal surrounding the now defunct Absolute Poker network (see previous InfoPowa reports) took place many years ago,, but players are still being compensated, with the third round of payments imminent, according to disbursement agency Garden City Group.

In a statement this week the company advised that a third round of payments has been authorised by the federal government in respect of Absolute and online sister UltimateBet (also now defunct) players.

Garden City advises ever-patient punters still expecting to be made good that the new round of payments is relatively small at $1.08 million, but that it will clean the slate for around 450 players.

“Payments will be made via electronic ACH to petitioners residing in the United States and via foreign currency check to petitioners residing outside of the United States,” Garden City advised. “In cases where a foreign currency check cannot be issued, the payment will be made via USD check or foreign currency wire depending on the petitioners country of residence.”

Players on the list will receive emails from Garden City, but are urged to regularly check the organisation’s website for updates anyway.

Thus far the Garden City remission process has seen the disbursement of $37.2 million to thousands of players, to which will be added the current $1.08 million.