Opportunity for Players to Respond to APPG Report into Gambling Harm

Two weeks ago to this day we covered the publication of the ‘Report into Gambling Harm’ produced after a year long investigation by the UK Parliament’s influential Gambling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group.

Within the contents of the APPG Report were recommendations which to put it bluntly in our view if introduced, would have the affect of driving most UK players of licensed online casinos into the arms of  unlicensed and unregulated operators, operating out of reach of the likes of the UK Gambling Commission.

In turn leaving players at the mercy of operators who can and do as they please. As we commented –  “One more draconian law, and these players will take a chance and swim in the shark infested waters of Curacao.”

Some of the recommendations produced by the APPG would quite frankly if they were introduced and made part of the legislation covering online gambling in the UK, sound the death knell of the iGaming industry within the UK. We are already seeing operators leave and give up their hard won and esteemed UK licenses, what would be left if these recommendations came into being, would be just the ‘big boy’ operators fighting over the leftover scraps.

With you the player being left with the unenviable choice of taking your chance at the likes of a Curacao based operation, or having to live with  your wings being clipped and be forced to play at licensed UK operations where you are told you can only bet a maximum of £2 a spin on your favourite slot game.

So now is the time for your own voice to be heard. Whilst the recommendations made by the APPG are just that, they do have a considerable and powerful voice and without input from players and being left unchecked, it is possible that many of their recommendations could find their way into becoming part of new regulations, governing the play of online gambling within the UK.

A survey has been commissioned  on  Survey Monkey,  with a set of 33 questions which have been well thought out for UK based players to answer anonymously. The feedback, stats and answers given upon completion of the survey will then be used through the media in the UK to give you, the player a voice.

You can view and complete the survey here and rest assured that all answers provided will be done so anonymously.

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