Online Sports Betting Ring Busted In New York State

8 arrested in Rockland following a ten month investigation

Police investigators in Rockland, NY arrested eight men Friday on illegal online sports betting and loan sharking charges following a covert ten month investigation across four US states.
The names of those arrested were not immediately released, although police spokesmen claimed they were associated with organised crime.
The police raiding parties seized illegal gambling records, computers and more than $750,000 through warrants issued in Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.
UPDATE: Police subsequently released the names of those arrested as:
Ronald Ayes, 71.
Nicholas Farese, 51.
Richard Herman, 75.
Anthony Moschella, 75.
Mark Moschella, 52.
Peter Reda, 57.
Vincenzo Red, 34.
John Reyes, 72.

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