Online Gambling Trade Association Supports Advertising Restriction In Australia

Newly formed Responsible Wagering Australia agrees to support government moves to ban inducement advertising

Responsible Wagering Australia, a newly formed trade body supported by Bet365, Betfair, CrownBet, Sportsbet and Unibet has announced that it is to support government moves to ban inducement advertising, e.g. the offering of bonuses and free games to attract and persuade punters to sign up.
Stephen Conroy, a controversial former Australian federal government minister who is now the RWA's executive director, told the Sunday Mail that the RWA will support national and stronger regulation on inducement advertising, saying:
"A national ban is in the long-term interests of consumers, operators and regulators, and would further strengthen harm-minimisation efforts in the sector. A ban that applies right across Australia is the only way to ensure that an appropriate level of consumer protection is offered, regardless of where an individual lives."

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