Online Gambling Performance In Delaware Declines

May online poker figures do little to encourage operators

Delaware, one of only three US states to legalise online gambling so far, delivered another disappointing set of performance figures for online gambling in May, with official numbers indicating a general decline.

The Delaware State Lottery said that although punters within the state wagered an impressive $9,026,528 on casino games, generating an almost 66 percent improvement over the previous month, revenues were down 47 percent with the net gain only $72,537… a substantial decline from $137,203 in April.

Online poker operators found little encouragement in the May numbers, either. Total online poker revenue recorded at the state's three licensed racinos was a mere $57,470 in May, dropping 22.42 percent compared with the previous month.

In all, Delaware online gambling revenues declined 27 percent to $175,601 compared to April, and new player sign-ups were down 15.76 percent at 342 new accounts opened in May.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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