Online Gambling Club Robbers Busted In Ukraine

29 arrested in Kiev

Heavily armed Ukraine police have busted a gang of 29 individuals – also heavily armed judging by photographs – wanted for a series of almost two dozen robberies on online gambling clubs in Kiev.
Police spokesman and acting head of the Ukraine police force, Vadym Troyan, told local reporters:
"Yesterday night [January 5] in Dniprovsky district [of Kyiv] the law enforcers of the Criminal Investigation Department along with SWAT detained the perpetrators red-handed as they once again attacked a gambling establishment.
Troyan went on to explain that the attackers broke into the online gambling venue, threatened people present with firearms, an axe, and pepper spray, and ordered them to lie on the floor before taking their money, cell phones and other belongings. The stolen property was subsequently recovered.
The attackers also smashed ten computers owned by the club before the police could intervene.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa