Online Casino Operator Criticised Over Maddie Mccann Reference

Sometimes guerrilla marketing goes too far

Online gambling operator Fruity King is developing something of a reputation for its at times clumsy attempts at guerilla marketing, but this week it overstepped the mark when it referred to the long-missing child Maddie McCann in a tweet that attempted to capitalise on the high value transfer of professional footballer Paul Pogba to Manchester United.
The operator tweeted:
"Letting Poga go on a free (transfer) then buying him back for Euro 100 million. Worst decision since the McCanns went for dinner."
The reference to the McCanns related to their child Maddie's disappearance some years ago from their Portuguese holiday apartment whilst they were having dinner, sparking an international investigation and search which has yet to locate the little girl.
The Fruity King tweet triggered a stream of criticism on social media and in the UK media, with posters accusing the operator of exploiting the tragedy of the missing (then) three-year-old and criticising the gambling company for unprofessional conduct.
Fruity King has a history of controversial marketing initiatives; earlier this year it compared the wiry Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy to a holocaust victim, and in another insensitive move constructed a mock prison cell outside a football stadium to "welcome" new signing Troy Deeney, who had previously been criminally punished for assault.
The operator also attracted criticism for poking fun at the weight of Manchester City footballer Yaya Toure's wife.
Fruity King has in the past tended to pass its antics off as mere "cheeky banter", but has not yet responded to the current uproar.

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