Online Casino To Help Clean Malta’s Coastline

Mr Green in research and environmental clean-up initiative with University of Malta and the International Ocean Institute

Malta-based online casino group Mr Green lived up to its environmental caring reputation by embarking this week on a new initiative to clean the Maltese coastal waters, and spread awareness regarding the health status of the Mediterranean Sea.

Working with the University of Malta and the International Ocean Institute, the online gambling group will direct actions towards achieving a clean and healthy sea. The project includes the involvement of students from the University of York, UK who are currently reading for MSc. degrees in Marine Environmental Management.

These students together with Mr Green employees who have volunteered to help will directly clean the shores and waters around Malta, at the same time collecting data on the health level of the sea as part of an academic study around marine environment and plastics.

The company has commissioned a company-branded rib boat for the project.

Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO Mr Green Ltd, said in a press statement Friday:

“As a Malta based company, we are – along with many other Maltese – concerned about the increasing amount of plastic in the Mediterranean sea. The seas are essential parts of our ecosystem and we want to contribute to the improvement of their status.   We want to drive awareness of the sea’s health status by spreading the knowledge gathered from the studies as we are cleaning the beaches and shorelines of Malta. We hope to educate and inspire all the individuals we will meet throughout the summer by sharing our research.”

Prof. Alan Deidun, FRSB, Director, International Ocean Institute – Malta Centre, added:

“The anticipated outputs from this study include a preliminary identification of debris beaching hotspots along the monitored beaches and a better understanding of the coastal dynamics of beaching, pursuant to providing corresponding recommendations to coastal managers.”