On Course Bookmakers Licences under Review

Seven On Course Bookmakers to have licences reviewed

Seven on course bookmakers are having their licences reviewed by the Gambling Commission after they were found to allow a 16 year old to place bets with them.

As part of the Gambling Commission’s Age Verification Test Purchasing, officers from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, supported by the Gambling Commission and Trading Standards, undertook the tests. With seven of seventeen bookmakers tested, allowing a 16 year old to place a £5 bet.

Subsequently the seven bookmakers that allowed the placing of the £5 bets are now having their licences to offer gambling reviewed.

Speaking about the findings, the Gambling Commission’s Executive Director, Richard Watson, said: “These licence reviews show how strongly we feel about underage gambling. Every single gambling business must protect children from gambling but the on course bookmakers results have remained unacceptable”

“Despite various educational attempts to raise standards, by ourselves and the trade bodies, the on-course sector has historically performed poorly in both underage gambling test purchase exercises and Think 21 testing.”

“Pass rates have failed to meet the standards expected and the sector has consistently performed to levels below those we see in other gambling and age restricted products.  By way of example, over the past four years, the on-course sector has a pass rate of around 35% for Think 21 testing.”

Commenting on the Age Verification Test Purchasing that was carried out, Cllr David Cannon, Lead Member for Public Protection at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, said: “I am delighted that our officers led and organised this test purchasing. It is important that our residents as well as visitors to the borough, are kept safe. It is not acceptable to take bets from young people and I am pleased that strong action is taking place.”

“Our hard working team of officers will often carry out test purchasing across the borough to ensure our residents are kept safe and that traders are abiding by the rules. I am pleased that this hard work is paying off and the Gambling Commission are taking action against those bookmakers.”

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