Next Year Will See More Gambling Licenses In Italy

Draft law expects to see renewals, new licenses and more internet café action

New draft laws published recently by the Italian government give a preview of what the gambling industry can expect in 2016, with existing licenses up for renewal and new licensing that includes provision for internet cafés.
Existing land gambling licenses will expire around mid-year, and operators will be offered the chance to renew.
In addition, 120 new licenses at Euro 200,000 each will be available around the same timeframe, and 10,000 new betting shop licenses will be offered at Euro 32,000 each, along with 5,000 automated betting corner licenses at around Euro 18,000 apiece.
Clarity on the legal position of internet café gambling will also (hopefully) be achieved; operators in this grey area have already been warned to apply for licensing before the middle of next year or face the consequences, which could include tax and financial measures.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa