New Russian Initiative To Disrupt Online Gambling Financial Transactions?

Reports of a new bill to be debated by lawmakers later this week

Reports from the Russian online news company indicate that the federal government may be about to unleash another action against illegal online gambling operators – legislation that disrupts player to operator financial transactions.
The bill is reportedly the work of the federal Ministry of Finance and will oblige banks and payment processors to block such transactions internationally; it proposes that a federal task force be given the authority to build a blacklist of illegal operators and companies that service them, furnishing this to financial institutions with the requirement to implement transaction blocking. reports that government estimates are that up to the equivalent of $3 billion a year leaves the country in the form of deposits to foreign illegal online gambling operators, and that the proposed measures in the considerably re-drafted bill are necessary to curtail this outflow and ensure that licensed online betting financial transactions are restricted to approved financial TSUPIS (hubs).

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa