New Jersey Back In Court Today On Sports Betting Issue (update)

Third US Circuit Court of Appeals to hear arguments from New Jersey and the national sports leagues

Later today (Tuesday) legal representatives for the state of New Jersey and the four national sports leagues will again cross swords on legalised sports betting, this time before the Third US Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.
The clash is the latest in a series of legal actions brought by the sports leagues as they seek to prevent New Jersey from legalising intrastate sports betting in defiance of the restrictive federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (see previous InfoPowa reports).
In a session full of complicated and largely technical legal argument, the Third Circuit Court of Appeal heard arguments by New Jersey, Department of Justice, the Thoroughbred Horse Owners Association and the US national sports leagues legal representatives Thursday, but no definitive conclusion was reached.
At the end of the session, Justice Trump Barry said the court would take the issue "under advisement." Legal observers said it was unlikely that the court would issue a finding before May this year.

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