New Gambling Policy Adopted by London Borough

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has agreed a new gambling policy which will see the opening of betting shops near schools, hospitals and old people’s homes being banned in the borough.

According to statistics, Tower Hamlets has double the UK national average of problem gamblers and as such the new gambling policy adopted by the borough will also see that no betting shops are located near where gamblers anonymous meetings are presently held.

Speaking about the new policy in place in Tower Hamlets, Ann Sutcliffe, Corporate Director of Place Directorate, said: “We know that gambling can take people down a difficult path and that the young, the vulnerable and those experiencing financial hardship are at particular risk of being lured in.”

“The proximity of betting shops to local secondary schools is an area of particular concern. While 16 and 17-year-olds are barred from them, many illegally use the gaming machines as they are rarely supervised.”

Furthermore a spokesperson for Tower Hamlets Borough told the press: “The new Gambling Policy is aimed at reducing problem gambling in the borough. Our Trading Standards team work with licensed premises to identify issues linked with harmful outcomes for customers.”

“It is designed to provide a safe environment for customers who choose to gamble and restrict access for children and vulnerable people.”

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