Mr Green In Tax Tussle With Austria

Potential tax liability of SEK 100 Million

Online casino operator Mr. Green and Co. is disputing an Austrian tax liability that may amount to SEK 100 million (GBP 8.59 Million) and has submitted a self-correction in accordance with Austrian Tax Law.

The dispute relates to the 2011 implementation of Austrian law that imposes a 40 percent tax on gross game win on sales originating in Austria through online casino operations.

The company has embarked on legal action saying: "We dispute the tax liability. But the consequence of a loss in the legal process is so extensive that Mr. Green and Co. have chosen to provide information regarding implementation of a self-correction."

Mr Green have several objections relating to the Austrian law saying "the law is deemed contrary to the constitutional law in Austria and is considered contrary to several EU directives".

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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