More On Social Responsibility From U.k. Gambling Commission

Changes to licence conditions and codes of practice summarised

In its "Strengthening Social Responsibility" drive, the UK Gambling Commission has published a summary of changes to its licence conditions and codes of practice (see previous InfoPowa report) for the convenience of operators

The summary document explains the implementation timetable for the changes, most of which come into effect on . It also summarises the changes which will be made to remote technical standards (RTS) which will come into force on .

The changes include:

* The introduction of a new Annual Assurance Statement for the larger operators – a short account – that businesses can be held to – of how, at the most senior levels of the business, operators ensure that their provision of gambling is in line with the licensing objectives;

* A requirement for casinos and larger operators to conduct test purchasing, as a means of monitoring the effectiveness of their policies and procedures designed to prevent underage gambling;

* Measures related to customer interaction that will help remove some of the existing barriers to identifying those experiencing harm and intervening effectively;

* The implementation of multi-operator self exclusion schemes:

* A new SR code provision which requires that 'free bet' offers are marketed in a fair and open way and do not mislead;

* Additional remote technical standards for gambling management tools;

* Improved training, policies, procedures and control measures to ensure access to gambling by children and young people is prevented;

* Widening the methods for providing information to players;

* Improved awareness of local risks to the licensing objectives for premises-based operators;

* Clarification of the requirement to provide financial support to research, education and treatment;

* Amendments to measures affecting sectors such as pool betting and social lotteries;

The Commission notes that the underlying principle of the review and LCCP changes is that responsibility for delivering the licensing objectives rests with gambling operators…and it expects the industry to demonstrate continued progress in embedding the licensing objectives.—February-2015.pdf

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