Mobile Version Of Kash Karnival Launched

Popular Facebook game from Aussie developer now available for Android and iOS devices

The studios of Australia-based Royal Wins have announced the availability of the company's skill-based free-play Facebook game Kash Karnival on iOS and Android mobile devices.
Kash Karnival has proved popular on Facebook, racking up 150,000 regular players. Royal Wins spokesman Myles Blasonato said this week that the success of the game has underlined the remarkable 105 percent growth on Google Store of casino games.
"Royal Wins sees this trend as a shift in spending from web-based social casinos on Facebook towards more of a mobile marketplace as the ubiquity of mobile devices introduces more and more people to these types of games," he said.
"We need to captivate a whole new breed of player; young social gamers who crave entertainment and want greater control in winning through their skill. We will meet this demand by 'gamblifying' skill and 'skillifying' chance games."
Royal Wins has incorporated skill elements into casino gaming to deliver variety for the player and the opportunity to win prizes, appealing to social gamers.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa