Mobile Betting Adverts Parodied By Aussie Comedians

The Peleton takes a humorous look at betting ads…but there’s a painful sting in the tail

The Melbourne-based comedy quintet The Peleton humorously parodied the avalanche of gambling television adverts on the run-up to Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup over the weekend, but the mirth had a painful sting in the tail, reminding punters of the dangers of developing betting problems.

Using the title “news ads from BrokeLadsSports365!” and Youtube as a platform, the group published two videos that parody the ubiquitous Australian gambling adverts from major online sports betting companies.

One commentary observed: “Have a look at this bloke, we’ve sucked him in with 100 bucks of bonus bets and a year on, he’s lost the house, the wife and the kids.” The voiceover in another says. “He can either gamble his way out of it like a legend, or seek professional help like a [strong language].

According to the latest government reports, Australia spends around A$22 billion on gambling per year – an average of around A$1,200 per adult, reports the publication Junkee. Those numbers are around double that of countries like the UK, NZ and Canada.

Alarmed by the levels of gambling, Australian lawmakers banned advertising during sports events earlier this year (see previous InfoPowa reports)

See The Peleton vids here (but be warned that the presentation is sprinkled with strong language and epithets):