Mkodo Warns Apple Will Require Differentiation Between Apps And Websites

Apple review guidelines say apps must have a minimum level of native functionality

UK-based mobile first technology company, mkodo has warned the industry of a clamp down by Apple’s App Store on apps that do not have a minimum level of native functionality.

Native apps are built in a specific programming language for a specific device platform. Native apps built for use on a particular device have the ability to use device-specific hardware and software.

According to mkodo, operators risk having their apps rejected as Apple has pledged to start enforcing a minimum level of native functionality according to the 4.2 update in Apple’s Review Guidelines.

“The 4.2 update in the Apple Review Guidelines requires apps to be sufficiently different from a Safari browsing experience and must “include features, content and user interface that elevate it beyond a repackaged website,” mkodo’s report reads.

“Apple has been enforcing the updated guidelines and clamping down on new apps being submitted as so-called ‘wrapped websites’ and is also proactively targeting and rejecting updates to existing apps with minimal or no native functionality.”

Stuart Godfree, managing director and co-founder of mkodo:

“Apple is now ensuring that all apps offer something different to a web experience which will really affect both new and existing apps across our sector.

“Rejections can be hugely costly both in terms of resubmission work and time to market, not to mention loss of revenues, and can easily be avoided if an app is native and developed and optimised to respect the Apple Guidelines.”

Read mkodo’s full report here: