Mini Post Code Lottery Works Well For Young Entrepreneur

Founder has a new job…expanding his operations

Chris Holbrook, a 35-year-old British graphic designer, has hit a personal jackpot with his Free Post Code concept, enabling him to give up his day job in order to concentrate on growing a burgeoning business.

The publication This Is Money reports that Holbrook developed his lottery concept after listening to a radio report on breast cancer which used the phrase "post code lottery" in a treatment context.

He built an award-winning business based on free entries into a post code lottery, supported by advertisements attracted by the traffic his lottery generates.

Starting three years ago with small jackpots of just GBP 10 a day, the enterprise has grown to offer daily jackpots of GBP 70, which reached GBP480 in a roll-over sequence earlier this year. The project has handed out over GBP 31,000 so far, and is expanding rapidly.

Holbrook is now focused on expanding the operation into Ireland, where a post code system is set for introduction next spring.

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