Meister London Report 2019: the Meister Meeting.

Meister Meeting 2019

London Trip 2019: Meister Meeting

Ah, Waxy O’Conners at the Dargle bar – this was the 12th annual Meister Meeting and one of the best. We had a load of old faces and new ones as well. I didn’t have a chance to speak to everyone, but still it was great.

Out of the 254 drinks that were served the top five were:

59 Guinness
28 Budweisers
17 Chieftain IPAs
16 Coors light
12 Heineken

It was an amazing get together. Each year seems to be getting better. There were a few familiar faces that didn’t make it – hope to see them next year. The bartender mentioned to me at the end that he has never seen such a happy friendly group of people like this. It seemed like everyone really cared for one another – and that was pretty spot on.

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And the band members were happily surprised when Lady Jelena passed the hat around for a tip. That really made their evening.

And to top it off was awarding both Conor Dargle (no association with Waxy’s) and Rachel Morgan with engraved beer steins. Conor Dargle for Best Casino Forum Representative, and Rachel Morgan Best Casino Manager.

Conor Dargle – Best iGaming Rep – Trada Casino
Rachel Morgan - Best Casino Manager 2018
Rachel Morgan – Best Casino Manager 2018

Afterwards the traditional Chinese dinner atJoy King Lau with deep fried tofu, crunchy noodles, and a meisterly bunch of folks.

There are a couple of threads detailing the Meister Meeting:
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Onward to Wednesday – ICE day II – and meeting with Kahnawake.

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