Match Fixing Raises Its Ugly Head In South Korea E-sports

Nine arrested on allegations of fixed StarCraft 2 matches

The ugly head of match-fixing has made its first major appearance in the burgeoning eSports vertical, with South Korean police investigators reporting the arrests of nine individuals on fixing allegations in StarCraft 2 competitions.
The Korean eSports Association reports that the arrests included two prominent South Korean professional gamers, Choi Byeong-Heon and Choi Jong-Huk, and the head coach of Team Prime, Park Wae-Sik, aka "Gerrard", who is alleged to have acted as middleman in the deals.
The trade association says that conviction will result in punitive penalties and life-time exclusions from the sport.
The allegations include a $27,000 "dive" by one player in four matches at the Proleague and GSL Code A and S levels.

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