Massive Audiences For E-sports Predicted

Over 400 million fans by 2020

In just four years' time the eSports global audience will have swollen to 402 million, according to a new survey by Superdata prepared for the European eSports Conference in London.
Other startling predictions from the respected research company are:
* The eSport live and internet audience will grow to 330 million by 2019, and will reach 402 million by the following year;
* League of Legends continues to dominate the market as the competitive game of choice for contests, and has an active player base in excess of 100 million, but relative newcomer Overwatch already earned $767 million last year;
* The sector is currently worth around $1.13 billion, with 5 percent of that flowing from eSports betting at $57 million, far outstripping revenue from merchandising of $22 million. The sector continues to benefit from corporate advertising and sponsorship, which provides 74 percent of earnings.

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